Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My new challenge

So this is my new challenge for myself. I want to learn how to surf. Most of my friends know how deathly afraid of the water I am. so this may come as a big surprise. I just couldn't help myself. The beaches here are too beautiful not to get in and enjoy. I had my first lesson over Labor Day and really liked it. I only got up on the board once, swallowed so much salt water I can still taste it, and hit my head a few times on the board. I am excited for my future lessons from the best teacher out there....Reid!


Melissa said...

That does suprise me, but what a great thing!

LMichelle said...

Gina, A million years ago when I was 13, I wanted to learn to surf - never mind the fact that I can't swim either. (This was the 60s when they had all those songs and movies about surfing.) I even moved to California eventually thinking I might learn there and even dated a surfer. Well, now I'm an old lady and I never even tried. So I applaud you for going out there and doing it!!! Love you, Gina! (From your other mother when you were a little girl in Rome.) Michelle

Lisa said...

carpe diem! Seize the day! You are doing it!